Always at the side of those who produce!

The best solutions for your business

The best solutions for your business

Grain and Animal Protein Storage Systems

Cutting-edge Technology

Smart equipment with superior performance

Grain Storage

CASP offers equipment adapted to all products

Animal Protein

Solutions for quality production. Automate and have autonomy and profitability

Line of Credit

Discover our credit options to purchase our solutions

Technical Assistance and After Sales

To serve the customer with their diverse needs, we have a complete multi-service After-Sales system (assembly, technical assistance and training).


CASP, committed to market development, promotes the technical improvement of those who participate directly or indirectly in the production of foods of animal or vegetable origin.

CASP & Agrofy

CASP has the ideal solution for your project!

Now you can also buy our products online!

CASP products are recognized for their quality, innovation and technological advancement and are the only ones on the market with 100% national technology. And you can buy our solutions through Agrofy!

In Grain Storage, our equipment operates in the reception, cleaning, transport, drying, storage and dispatch of grains and the projects are adapted for all producers, from small to large!

At Animal Protein we serve the production of breeders, broiler chickens, swine farming, fish farming, cattle farming and incubation. We have solutions in feeders, drinking fountains, feed dispensers, air conditioning, a complete line of equipment!

Trusted by over 28,000 customers worldwide!

Harvest Plan

The greatest in history

The 23/24 Harvest Plan has billions in resources to support national agricultural production.

Thus ensuring the continuity of production in the field.

Real life results

We generate results for our clientes

“When Cooxupé makes the option to acquire equipment, look for three things: quality, price and maintenance partnership. These three items only allow you to say that CASP was the one that gained two other concurrent ones. “I came to CASP to be our partner.”

Antonio Carlos Oliveira Martins – Diretor Administrativo Cooxupé

“We detected that the product is of good quality, the assistance when we request is always prompt, the silo operation serves us to our satisfaction.”

Luiz Carlos Faccin Diretor do Grupo Imcopa – Petrópolis Group GP

“We choose CASP based on market awareness and the approach of the company to Piracicaba, our headquarters.”

Klever José Coral – Superintendente da Coplacana