African Swine Fever (ASF) is a viral disease, highly contagious without vaccine or treatment, fatal to pigs, both domestic and wild, regardless of age, sex, breed or type of economic exploitation. PSA poses no risk to humans.

Brazil stands out as the fourth largest producer in the world and has been recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as free from the disease since 1984. And that is why it deserves our special attention so that cases of this disease do not affect the Brazilian pig herd!

ABCS (Brazilian Pig Farming Association) published biosecurity measures to assist Brazilian producers.

But travelers should also take care to avoid bringing this disease to Brazil: Do not bring pork products from abroad in your suitcase. It is prohibited and puts Brazil at risk.

Biosecurity measures, recommended by ABCS, on farms:

• Avoid visits to production units, as any visitor may pose a risk of introducing pathogens, and, if there are visits, carry out sanitary evacuation and all other biosecurity measures recommended by the production unit

• Isolation and quarantine of imported pigs.

• Avoid the entry of newly arrived people into the country (at least 72 hours).

• Appropriate disposal of food waste from infected areas (incineration or sterilization).

• In non-technified farms, under no circumstances should waste from landfills be used. Leftover food from restaurants, or even domestic food, should also be avoided, especially if it has not been subjected to cooking.

• Physical barriers preventing the entry of other animals (dogs, cats, wild and wild animals and others) into the perimeter of the farm, as well as insects and rodents in the sheds.

• Control of flies and ticks.

• Disinfect and control the entry of equipment, implements, materials and supplies at the farm entrance.

• Carry out training guiding employees and the implementation of biosecurity measures on the farm.

Measures that must be reinforced for travelers:

• Reinforcement of the inspection of passenger luggage in order to check the arrival of unauthorized food and other materials that could be potential carriers of this disease, an activity that includes the use of MAPA’s detection dogs.

• Prohibition of meat (fresh or processed) entering the country via luggage;

• Supervision of the adequate disposal of food waste from on board commercial aircraft and ships, when coming from countries infected by this disease.

• Dispose of clothing and footwear used during international visits correctly, as even washing does not guarantee that accessories will be free from pathogens.

On the exclusive website about ASF, created by ABPA (Brazilian Animal Protein Association), you will find important information.

Access: https://brasillivredepsa.com.br/

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