Our story

CASP was created in 1936 and since then has been present in agribusiness, in the Animal Protein (hatching, poultry, pig farming, fish farming and cattle farming) and Grain Storage sectors.

A pioneer since its creation, CASP invests in technology and knowledge formation to always meet market demands.

CASP is headquartered in Amparo, in the interior of São Paulo, where the Research and Development Center is located: equipment production. It also has a regional office in Itaberaí – GO responsible for sales and after-sales services in its region of operation.

CASP equipment is the only one manufactured with 100% national technology and is proud to contribute to Brazil’s growth, offering creative and profitable solutions to customers and partners.


To offer creative and reliable solutions in grain storage systems and animal protein production, increasing customers’ operational efficiency.


To be recognized as the company with the best solution for grain storage systems and animal protein production.


Integrity, commitment, creativity, innovation, efficiency, teamwork, reliability, tradition, knowledge formation and focus on results.

Company History

The history of the Marques family in poultry farming begins in 1936, with the creation of Sociedade Comisária Avícola Ltda

Currently, the group’s management is led by the 3rd Generation, under the leadership of Anelise Marques.


Alberto Marques, imports “Maria Fumaça (Train)”, the first industrial incubator in the USA to export eggs to England.


With the Second World War, CASP started to serve the local market with its equipment, selling 30 incubators that year.


Donald Marques returns to Brazil after the war and starts working at the company.


Partnership with “Chick Master Incubator Co.” with payment of royalties for manufacturing incubators.


Launch of the first mechanical feeder in Brazil and incubators adapted to the Brazilian reality.


Due to its know-how in feed silos, it saw the opportunity to operate in the grain storage segment.

The company is now called CASP INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO S/A


Opening of the industrial unit in Amparo/SP, current headquarters.


Launch of the Tuboflex® feeder, a major advance for the poultry sector

80s and 90s

Supplier of key equipment for the expansion of large companies such as Seara and Perdigão;

Donald internationally recognized for his contribution in showing the paths of technological growth to Brazilian poultry farmers, appearing in the Industrial Poultry Hall of Fame


Anelise, Donald’s daughter, assumes the position of CEO of the company, after a period of 15 years of professionalization.