The world has been accompanied by a new outbreak of bird flu at a great time. The viral infection is rapidly contagious and harms domestic and wild birds, and can be fatal. 🦠

🌎 Brazil remains without records of incidents, but with confirmation of cases in other countries in South America, we must be more vigilant and redouble our care.

Some common symptoms in infected birds are: respiratory problems, runny nose, diarrhea and wobbling gait.

🚨All suspected incidents must be notified immediately to the state agricultural health bodies.

As a way to contribute to this delicate moment, we disclose here the biosafety protocols developed by ABPA – Brazilian Animal Protein Association – which determines, among other things, the total suspension of visits by foreign people to the production units.

“The moment is delicate, and all care is fundamental to preserve Brazil as the only country to never register outbreaks and currently free of disease.” Ricardo Santin.


ABPA Biosafety Manual

ABPA Technical Note | Restriction of Visits

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