The S-70 E chain feeder line for breeders has been designed to ensure better uniformity of the lot, through simultaneous feeding.

  • Possibility of distribution of the feed prior to the actual feeding.
  • Variable speed of distribution, for a better control and increase of the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Circuit supply at one time (wiht the equipment hanging).
  • Once lowered, the system is lifted, enabling the circulation of the birds throughout the day.
  • Automation of the supply circuit and previous definition of the feeding time, making not necessary the presence of the operator.
  • Easy of assembly, disassembly, and asepsis.
  • Non existence of impurities in the feeding line.
  • Better operational safety.
  • Precision in the distribution of the feed volume.
  • Automated system of control and programming, wich allows:
    • The elevation of the feeder line.
    • The definition, in advance, of the time for the feed to be distributed.
    • Set up of the lighting period.
    • Activation of security sensors and alarms.

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