CASP dryers are adequate for drying of the most varied types of grain, providing drying uniformity, high processed product quality and low energy consumption. Due to its constructive form with modular system, it allows ease of drying capacity increase with the simple addition of new modules.

Available in capacities from 12 to 250 t/h.



CASP dryers are totally executed in galvanized steel plates, with the protections, insulations and shielding necessary to their installation under the weather.

The cargo funnel is equipped with inspection port and platform, which allows access to the upper internal part of the dryer.
It is provided with level control to block flushing, according to the product level inside the dryer, preventing undesired outputs of drying air.

The drying tower is made of galvanized steel with a design adequate to the perfect grain outflow and drying airflow, providing a homogeneous drying, preventing mechanic shock of grains and accumulation of impurities in a self-cleaning system.
It may be of the Columns or Brackets type, comprised of one drying chamber and cooling chamber, with air reuse system.
The CASP drying tower is standardized and modular, allowing increases in the dryer size with the addition of new modules and their accessories.

CASP dryers have the drying tower involved in diffusers made of galvanized steel, united by high-resistance screws, preventing the entry of rainwater, reducing the accumulation of impurities and facilitating maintenance.

Fans are axial, with balanced rotor fixed directly to the electric engine. The body of the fans is made of steel, with the cube in aluminum alloy and helices in aluminum, ideal for operation in aggressive temperatures. They are lighter and resistant to abrasion, with a very low noise level.

For ease and safety of operators, dryers are provided with access ladders with intermediate platforms, both on the external part, and in the internal part of the air diffusers, according to safety standard NR12.
For access to the internal part, dryers are provided with ports with dimensions adequate to the operational standards.

The CASP dryers flushing system is comprised of oscillating trays, with triple setting, which allows one to vary the grains displacement speed inside the dryer, making a homogeneous drying throughout the dryer’s output extension.
It is triggered by an electrical motor reducer, and may operate with a frequency inverter, which automatically changes flushing.

CASP dryers are supported on a base made with concrete or metallic pillars, streamlining the execution of the civil works and consequent equipment assembly.

For dryers control, they are equipped with a temperature indication board with 4 thermometers and a digital display with an alarm, which warns the operators in case of excessive drying air temperature.
Optionally, one automatic indicator of grains moisture and one data collector for operation history registration may be added.

CASP dryers may be equipped with one particles retention system filtering the drying output air, retaining solid particles and releasing to the environment the air adequate to the environmental control standards.

CASP furnaces may be metallic or of masonry, depending on the capacity.
They demand the minimum of civil works and provide the calorie necessary, with no risk of emitting sparks, with low civil works cost and low firewood consumption.
Furnace dimensioning ensures an effective combustion, free of sparks, minimizing grain contamination by smoke and other impurities.
For firewood feeding, it is provided with ports with size adequate to facilitate the operation and to prevent the loss of calories with better operational comfort, according to the technical characteristics of the processed products.

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