Feeder CSI 600 is the result of research for better performance for animals in termination phase. In every detail, CSI 600 offers better performance, better food conversion, food in adequate quantity, easy access to animals without ration waste.

• Exclusive injected deposit system (unique in Brazil);
• Greater resistance to impact;
• Uniformity in wall thickness;
• Superior flexibility;
• Cone with special design, to ensure ration outflow;
• Metallic structure available in stainless steel or fire galvanized;
• Deposit manufactured with polyethylene with ultraviolet protection (U.V.);
• Supplied with side valves to humidify ration;
• Stainless steel ration diffuser, with design ensuring uniform distribution;
• Special stamped stainless steel tray without welds or sharp corners;
• Deposit for 60 kg ration.

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