The 23 Harvest Plan | 24 has billions in resources to support national agricultural production, thus ensuring the continuity of production in the field.

The Warehouse Construction and Expansion Program (PCA) will see an increase in the volume of resources of 81% for the construction of warehouses with a capacity of up to six thousand tons. The value goes from R$1.57 billion to R$2.85 billion.

For larger capacity warehouses, the increase will be 61%, from R$2.36 billion to R$3.80 billion.

The objective is to strengthen the financing of investments necessary for the construction of new warehouses, with the aim of increasing the installed static storage capacity.


Scheduled Features

Credit/Beneficiary Limit

Maximum Term (years)

Grace period (years)

Interest Rates

PCA 3,56 R$ 25/50* milhões 12 3 8,5
PCA até 6.000 toneladas 1,57 R$ 25 milhões 12 3 7

* For grain storage, the limit is R$50 million.

Source: MAPA

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